Photography Conference

Portrait Aug 01| 2021

Who are we?

Zealous photography savants gathered under the roof of The Cube Photography House. We organize conferences and lectures, invite the most influential photographers to share the feelings and ideas behind their lenses. Our upcoming three-day event involves three different photography lectures: Fashion, Portrait and Landscape.



Audrey Evans

Photographer | Fashion


Arthur Rodney

Photographic Lighting Master

Paul McDavis

Photographer | Landscape

Megan Reuben

Photographer | Portrait


Our generous sponsors


  • Frank Salvator "I've attended numerous conferences and lectures during my career, but I always think of The Cube House when I need to give advice to amateur photographers!"
  • Zain Williams "Audrey and her lectures are something magical, professional and sincere speeches and a vibrant experience guaranteed!"
  • Alice Year "As a dedicated photography lover, I'm beyond delighted to be a part of The Cube club. Immensely inspired by Paul and Arthur's lectures."


More lectures


August | Wednesday


Fashion photography course covers a range of techniques for creation of fashion, clothing and film photography. You can also subscribe for a full seminar with the speakers right after the session.


August | Thursday


A practical lecture along with a unique opportunity to learn to shoot alongside a top-notch photographer. Paul will showcase his own works and explain every single angle and detail captured. 

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